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From Lukas Theussl <>
Subject Re: FigureBlock and XWiki's image macro
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2008 13:12:48 GMT
Hi Vincent,

The figure handling is not very consistent across doxia modules anyway, 
it would be good to have at least an idea of how it should work...

Eg the img parsing in the xdoc module used to be handled via rawText, I 
changed that in alpha-9 but it is obviously less general now (if you 
just want to do xdoc -> html, see ).

Another open question is the handling of figure extensions, see

I am not sure about the best way to go, personally I would prefer 2) 
over 1), but maybe we collect suggestions on the wiki page ( )?


Vincent Massol wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm progressing with the XWiki parser but I have to take a decision.
> The XWiki image macro accepts several parameters:
> However the Sink figure events only accepts a location and a caption.
> I can see only 2 solutions:
> 1) Do not generate figure events but instead generate a Macro event  
> (this is a new event I'd like to add to the Sink API, it would be a  
> name and a Map of properties (name/value pairs)). This means that only  
> sinks who understand the "image" macro will be able to correctly  
> interpret the macro.
> 2) Add extra parameters to the figure event, in a generic way (by add  a 
> map of properties for example).
> The issue with both 1) and 2) is that the parameters are non- 
> standardized if we do it in a generic way and this will make it  
> difficult to have interoperability with all sinks. However such an  
> interoperability is anyway difficult and it's better to have the  
> ability for a sink to fully understand a given format than not at all.
> Any other idea?
> Thanks
> -Vincent

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