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From Vincent Massol <>
Subject Re: Doxia Parsing API?
Date Thu, 27 Dec 2007 10:20:28 GMT
Hi Juan,

Thanks for your email and sorry for my late answer, I've just seen the  
mails now.

I've started using the confluence parser as a starting point for  
writing the XWiki parser. Re the speed, the confluence parser also  
generates a Block Tree but I'm not sure how this affects performance  

FWIW I've run some quick tests between the JavaCC-generated parser for  
XWiki that is in the wikimodel parser vs the "hand-written" Confluence  
parser in Doxia (since confluence and xwiki are of similar complexity  
for their syntaxes) and the result I got so far is that the "hand- 
written" parser is faster so I've gone ahead and used the "hand- 
written" confluence parser as a starting point.

Thanks again

On Dec 19, 2007, at 5:01 PM, Juan F. Codagnone wrote:

> Hi Vicent,
> On Wednesday 19 December 2007, Vincent Massol wrote:
> ...
>> I'd like to implement a Doxia parser for XWiki. However I've noticed
>> there's no standard in Doxia yet for parsing. Actually looking at
>> Doxia confluence, twiki and Apt I see each does it with his own code.
>> However the Confluence and TWiki implementations are very similar,
>> each defining Block, BlockParser, etc.
> ...
>> content). Does anyone have any idea how the Confluence parser  
>> compares
>> for example with, say, a JavaCC-generated parser?
> The confluence parser was made after the twiki parser by Jason.
> When i first wrote the twiki parser i felt that it was easier to  
> make an adhoc
> parser instead of a generated one for a language that has many  
> exceptions.
> (Also i was also reading a TDD book at that time, and i wanted to  
> make some
> practice, and the adhoc parser was perfect)
> Here is the original post
> Two years later i think it was a good decision. One developer that  
> never saw
> the original code was conforable adding new language feature and  
> bugfixes.
> In terms of of fast rendering mechanism, the twiki parser has a  
> draback: it
> first builds a block tree (like a DOM tree), and then the block  
> generates the
> events for the Sink.
> Juan.
> -- 
> Buenos Aires, Argentina                            22°C with winds  
> at 9 km/h E

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