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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: Adding DOM tree support to Doxia?
Date Mon, 31 Dec 2007 22:28:21 GMT

On 31 Dec 07, at 5:02 AM 31 Dec 07, Vincent Massol wrote:

> Hi,
> While it's nice that Doxia supports stream-parsing, there are valid  
> use cases for generating a DOM tree of source elements (the Blocks  
> that can be found in the confluence and twiki parser implementations  
> for example).

If you look at the StructureSink it's basically an in-memory model  
that can replay events. But it would be easy enough to make a DOMSink  
easy enough. Then you could read it like a DOM or play the events back.

> Since the confluence and twiki parsers already need these blocks,  
> and since I need them too for the XWiki parser I think there's  
> already a valid use case for them.

I definitely think it's useful.

> In addition, I would add the method to return this DOM tree to the  
> Parser class in doxia-core (or add 2 interfaces, one for stream  
> parsers and one for DOM parsers).

As long as this is done lazily upon request and not done all the time.

> Note: In XWiki land we need to parse all pages into a DOM tree for  
> performance reasons: we'll cache the DOM tree so that the rendering  
> can be done faster.

Sure, I think that's what was originally done with the StructureSink  
and completely valid. I'm sure you we could come up with a super  
efficient, pre-digested structure that tracked macros and any other  

I say prototype away on a branch, or if it's all additions to the API  
then just do it on trunk.

> Thanks
> -Vincent



Jason van Zyl
Founder,  Apache Maven
jason at sonatype dot com

We all have problems. How we deal with them is a measure of our worth.

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