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From Vincent Massol <>
Subject Re: Doxia Parsing API?
Date Mon, 31 Dec 2007 10:45:59 GMT

On Dec 27, 2007, at 11:20 AM, Vincent Massol wrote:

> Hi Juan,
> Thanks for your email and sorry for my late answer, I've just seen  
> the mails now.
> I've started using the confluence parser as a starting point for  
> writing the XWiki parser. Re the speed, the confluence parser also  
> generates a Block Tree but I'm not sure how this affects performance  
> negatively.

I can answer that... It'll matter for large documents since users  
would not start to see anything output before the end of the parsing.  
Modifying the parser to call traverse() whenever a block is created  
would be very easy to do though. I think I might add a flag for the  
xwiki parser to decide what to do.

However there are some cases where the full parsing is required. For  
example the XWiki TOC macro requires the full parsing to be done since  
it needs to know all the section headers. Of course a second level  
parsing could also be done, looking only for headers but that would  
affect the performance a bit. So for all macros that require the  
document structure for rendering we need the full parsing to be done  
first. However it's hard to know quickly if the document contains  
macros macros that work on the document structure and thus we might  
have to parse the whole doc anyway...


> FWIW I've run some quick tests between the JavaCC-generated parser  
> for XWiki that is in the wikimodel parser vs the "hand-written"  
> Confluence parser in Doxia (since confluence and xwiki are of  
> similar complexity for their syntaxes) and the result I got so far  
> is that the "hand-written" parser is faster so I've gone ahead and  
> used the "hand-written" confluence parser as a starting point.
> Thanks again
> -Vincent
> On Dec 19, 2007, at 5:01 PM, Juan F. Codagnone wrote:
>> Hi Vicent,
>> On Wednesday 19 December 2007, Vincent Massol wrote:
>> ...
>>> I'd like to implement a Doxia parser for XWiki. However I've noticed
>>> there's no standard in Doxia yet for parsing. Actually looking at
>>> Doxia confluence, twiki and Apt I see each does it with his own  
>>> code.
>>> However the Confluence and TWiki implementations are very similar,
>>> each defining Block, BlockParser, etc.
>> ...
>>> content). Does anyone have any idea how the Confluence parser  
>>> compares
>>> for example with, say, a JavaCC-generated parser?
>> The confluence parser was made after the twiki parser by Jason.
>> When i first wrote the twiki parser i felt that it was easier to  
>> make an adhoc
>> parser instead of a generated one for a language that has many  
>> exceptions.
>> (Also i was also reading a TDD book at that time, and i wanted to  
>> make some
>> practice, and the adhoc parser was perfect)
>> Here is the original post
>> Two years later i think it was a good decision. One developer that  
>> never saw
>> the original code was conforable adding new language feature and  
>> bugfixes.
>> In terms of of fast rendering mechanism, the twiki parser has a  
>> draback: it
>> first builds a block tree (like a DOM tree), and then the block  
>> generates the
>> events for the Sink.
>> Juan.
>> -- 
>> Buenos Aires, Argentina                            22°C with winds  
>> at 9 km/h E

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