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From "Juan F. Codagnone" <>
Subject doxia-module-twiki and mvn site
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2007 22:48:01 GMT

   When I wrote the twiki parser I wanted to use it to export wiki pages to 
others formats;  and even generate a maven site directly from contents that 
where inside a wiki. Sadly until some weeks ago i hadn't the chance or the 
motivation to do it so.

Last week we released an open source tool named "garfio"   and one of the 
goals of the release was to be able to generate the site using maven and 
twiki, improving the module if it was necessary.

The site can be viewed here: 

There is an small scrapper used to download the pages (and the attachments) 
from the twiki instances. It isn't generic or very clean yet, but it can be 
copied or reviewed from:

Some bug fixes and new features had to be made  to render the site correctly. 
I submitted the revisions as individual patches in the following issues:

We used as base for the branche the revision 592499.  You can also pull the 
changes from:

I will glad if the changes gets merged upstream, so there is no need of 
maintaing the branch (and add some value to the doxia project!). Also if the 
changes gets merged it would be nice to add Christian Nardi to the 
contributor list of doxia-module-twiki as he implemented most of these 


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