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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: Releasing Doxia
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2007 01:58:39 GMT

On 21 Aug 07, at 6:05 PM 21 Aug 07, Brett Porter wrote:

> To date, I have always been in favour of one trunk, and one version.
> I understand the need for a clear separate and for Doxia to be  
> useful without the site tools, but I don't think separating the  
> releases was the right way to do it.

I use them completely separately. I barely touch the site generation  
stuff in my integration. The site tools are completely layered upon  
the core. If they are going to be clear and separate then they are  
released separately and have separate trunks. I think people who  
currently work on them have never used them for anything other then  
the site plugin. It's also not hard to create another JIRA project.

I don't particularly care if people want to glob them back together  
but they are functionally separate. I can use the core without the  
site tools, one is clearly and extension of the other. In this alpha  
state changes in the site tools require changes in the core but that  
should not be the case for very long.

> - Brett
> On 22/08/2007, at 6:07 AM, Dennis Lundberg wrote:
>> Creating a separate thread for release questions...
>> Do we have two releases in reality? On one hand we have  
>> doxia:doxia (currently slated for alpha-9) and on the other we  
>> have doxia:doxia-sitetools (currently slated for 1.0). Is  
>> everybody OK with those versions?
>> I am not. Having two different versions for these two will totally  
>> mess up JIRA. Therefor I'd like to use 1.0-alpha-9 for both, this  
>> time. If we want separate releases for them in the future, then we  
>> need two separate projects for doxia and doxia-sitetools in JIRA.
>> In order for the maven-site-plugin to be able to use the new  
>> doxia:doxia we need to release doxia:doxia-sitetools.
>> Are there any other questions regarding the release?
>> -- 
>> Dennis Lundberg



Jason van Zyl
Founder and PMC Chair, Apache Maven
jason at sonatype dot com

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