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From Lukas Theussl <>
Subject Re: Solving links and anchors
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2007 19:43:04 GMT
FYI: I have just deployed new snapshots of doxia (core + modules + 
sink-api + site-tools). For me, alpha-9 is release ready.

However, I have tried to build the current maven site, reverting Brett's 
commit [1] to use site-plugin-2.0-SNAPSHOT again (so doxia-alpha-9 gets 
picked up), and found a few links that need fixing, eg in 
run-maven/index.apt, there is a link

{{{#Quick Start} Quick Start}}

which should be

{{{Quick_Start} Quick Start}}

and in guides/development/guide-helping.apt, there is

{{{guide-m2-development.html#Maven Code Style} Code Style}}

which should be

{{{guide-m2-development.html#Maven_Code_Style} Code Style}}

For me this seems rather natural as spaces are not legal in anchor names 
(and never have been AFAIK, even for aptconvert), however, I'm wondering 
if this might be considered a backward compat issue?



Lukas Theussl wrote:
> I agree. DOXIA-131 is solved and we should release alpha-9 asap so we 
> can concentrate on the changes that are scheduled for beta-1.
> Cheers,
> -Lukas
> Dennis Lundberg wrote:
>> Welcome back Lukas!
>> So, we seem to be in agreement that the handling of ids should be as 
>> it is right now. That is we allow these characters -_:.
>> That should mean that DOXIA-131 is solved right?
>> I suggest that we publish snapshots of what we have in svn now, to 
>> make sure that things are working OK. Then we release alpha-9 and 
>> decide how to handle backward-compatibility issues before beta-1. WDYT?

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