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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: Design thoughts
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2007 13:15:20 GMT

On 30 Jul 07, at 5:06 AM 30 Jul 07, Dennis Lundberg wrote:

> Brett Porter wrote:
>> I haven't been keeping track unfortunately, so maybe I'm missing a  
>> piece of the puzzle.
>> How does a 'Markup' relate to a 'Parser', which is what I thought  
>> the terminology was for this?
> The Markup classes contain utility constants/methods for handling  
> markup. Constants like these would go into XmlMarkup
>   String START_MARKUP = "<";
>   String END_MARKUP = ">";

This is still something that happens in the parser yes? You're  
parsing the markup and these interfaces would be used during the  
parsing of the incoming stream, yes?

> General stuff that
>> The only caution I urge is that anything that changes doxia-sink- 
>> api might limit the ability to use it across different versions of  
>> Maven. Other than that, I think it'd be good to decide the target  
>> public API, write it up and then refactor towards it... it might  
>> be easier to understand holistically.
> Yup, we need to be careful not to move too much to the API, but I  
> think Vincent is only talking about the really general stuff here.

You can't make any binary incompatible changes at all at this point  
even though doxia says it's in alpha everything is bound to it.

>> Thanks guys!
>> Cheers,
>> Brett
>> On 30/07/2007, at 7:06 AM, Vincent Siveton wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> As you know, Doxia modules need to be more consistents. Dennis  
>>> pointed
>>> the EOL problem today.
>>> I recently added several markup interfaces. I see 2 types of markup
>>> languages handles by Doxia: text (like APT) and xml (like xdoc). I
>>> propose to encapsulate these things with the following interfaces:
>>> Markup (core)
>>>   |_ TextMarkup (core)
>>>     |_ AptMarkup (module)
>>>   |_ XmlMarkup (core)
>>>     |_ XdocMarkup (module)
>>> In a second step, I propose to create abstract TextSink and  
>>> XmlSink to
>>> encapsulate writer. With this, we will remove inconsistencies in the
>>> output like LineBreaker (docbook, xdoc) vs PrintWriter (xhtml).
>>> Thoughts?
>>> Vincent
> -- 
> Dennis Lundberg



Jason van Zyl
Founder and PMC Chair, Apache Maven
jason at sonatype dot com

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