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From Lukas Theussl <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r558696 - in /maven/doxia/site: ./ src/site/ src/site/apt/ src/site/apt/developers/ src/site/apt/macros/ src/site/apt/modules/ src/site/apt/references/ src/site/fml/ src/site/resources/images/
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2007 07:43:59 GMT
Yeah! Now let anybody say that we can't write docs! (well, why couldn't 
you do that before I started getting familiar with doxia?... ;) )

Two comments:

- I never quite understood the (apparently general) maven philosophy of 
separating the site from the rest of the project. I would at least like 
to have a link to the project pages, where you have all the javadocs, 
code reports etc. Could I suggest to leave the current doxia-site as a 
user documentation site, and use the project sites for developer docs? WDYT?

- in the "Using A Doxia Module" example, you make reference to plexus, I 
think this is not necessary and might be confusing. Even though doxia 
uses plexus, it is not necessary to be familiar with it in order to use 
doxia. The simplest way to convert eg apt to xdoc with doxia is:

FileReader source = new FileReader( new File( "test.apt" ) );
XdocSink sink = new XdocSink( new FileWriter( new File( "test.xml" ) ) );
AptParser parser = new AptParser();
parser.parse( source, sink );

Thanks for all that anyway!

Dennis Lundberg wrote:
> This is excellent stuff Vincent!
> I'm only missing one thing, that have been puzzling me since I got 
> involved with Doxia:
>   What is a Sink?

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