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From "Juan F. Codagnone" <>
Subject TWiki parser
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2005 22:59:21 GMT


We did a java parser for TWiki [] that emits Sink messages. 
It doesn't handle all the features, but it support most of the things we use 
in our wiki.

This is implemented in an ad-hoc line-by-line parser (i was too lazy to  
remember the language compiler classes), but i think it is just fine for a  
free language as twiki. 

A disadvantage of line-by-line parser is that you must understand the parsing  
code, and some times it gets tricky. In this case, the parser is distributed 
in several classes for better understanding. The parsers generates a tree of 
Blocks (ease testing), and they can generates the sink messages (next step 
would be to decouple blocks from doxia). Every language feature was 
introduced by a unit test (ala TDD) so it is easy to detect when a change 
breaks something.

We didn't started to use it yet, but i think it is a usefull. If you found  
the code usable, we are looking forward that this code get to the doxia  
project. Being able to connect wiki written doc with a maven project is a 
nice feature...

For now, the code is available at:
(be patient with the conection)

Any opinion/ suggestion is welcome.


ps. attached there is a description of what is supported.

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