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From "Robert Scholte" <>
Subject Re: The URL appending issue and Maven Central
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2019 17:46:38 GMT
Hi Mark,

I'm working on some improvements which might be related to this.
My main question: is the pom containing the special attributes part of the  
Maven Multimodule project?
If so, I should be able to calculate the right URL based on the local  
folder structure instead of pom inheritence via parent, right?


On Mon, 08 Jul 2019 12:23:57 +0200, Mark Raynsford  
<> wrote:

> Hello!
> This is still a problem:
> The problem isn't that the behaviour hasn't been fixed, but instead
> that the POM files that use the new attributes can't be deployed to
> Maven Central. I reported the issue to Sonatype, but it's been eight
> months [0] and nothing has been done about it. I think it might be case
> of the Sonatype people waiting to see what the Maven people will do, and
> the Maven people waiting to see what the Sonatype people will do. :)
> I wonder if, instead, we could just turn off this URL appending
> behaviour with a property? Ideally the property would be specified in
> the POM file and the model would stay entirely backwards compatible.
> If you don't set the property to true, you get the old url-mangling
> behaviour.
>  <pom>
>   <properties>
>     <>true</>
>   </properties>
>   ...
> I'm *still* in the situation where I can either add the attributes to
> my projects and get correct metadata but be unable to publish to
> Central, or avoid using the attributes and get wildly incorrect
> metadata but be able to publish to Central. Both choices are
> pretty much unacceptable. Free to publish garbage, or prevented from
> publishing non-garbage!
> I'd like to see some movement on this... What do I need to do to get
> this sorted out?
> [0]

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