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From Mark Raynsford <>
Subject The URL appending issue and Maven Central
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2019 10:23:57 GMT

This is still a problem:

The problem isn't that the behaviour hasn't been fixed, but instead
that the POM files that use the new attributes can't be deployed to
Maven Central. I reported the issue to Sonatype, but it's been eight
months [0] and nothing has been done about it. I think it might be case
of the Sonatype people waiting to see what the Maven people will do, and
the Maven people waiting to see what the Sonatype people will do. :)

I wonder if, instead, we could just turn off this URL appending
behaviour with a property? Ideally the property would be specified in
the POM file and the model would stay entirely backwards compatible.
If you don't set the property to true, you get the old url-mangling


I'm *still* in the situation where I can either add the attributes to
my projects and get correct metadata but be unable to publish to
Central, or avoid using the attributes and get wildly incorrect
metadata but be able to publish to Central. Both choices are
pretty much unacceptable. Free to publish garbage, or prevented from
publishing non-garbage!

I'd like to see some movement on this... What do I need to do to get
this sorted out?


Mark Raynsford |

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