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From Cristiano <>
Subject Re: Anyone had an error on Eclipse IDE after upgrade maven-jar-plugin to 3.1.2?
Date Fri, 14 Jun 2019 18:37:37 GMT
The short answer: I just love this IDE and everything that is behind it!

I'm using it since I dropped the IBM VisualAge a long long time ago. ;-)

In my daily working needs with Java, OSGi, Vertx and Maven I have no
complains. it just give me what I need. Of course that are a bug here
and there, but nothing that I can't bypass.

And with the help of some plugins as SonarLint, Kaizen OpenApi editor,
m2e, Mylin, DBeaver, Egit and some others it is just perfect for me.

Btw, I just needed to install intelij once in order to integrate with an
android app and I felt very uncomfortable with it. Would not use it if I
have a choice.

best regards,


On 08/06/2019 05:29, Tibor Digana wrote:
> Why you use Eclipse. Use InteliJ IDEA. It is professional tool. Every
> company has money to buy enterprise IDEA, the company wouln'd say no
> because it is price you pay once and you can upgrade to major version
> within whole year. You can use it forever without paying more after the
> support period of one year you paid before. For instance I had IDEA 14
> since 2014 - 2019 without any issue in that tool.
> On Fri, Jun 7, 2019 at 3:32 PM Cristiano <> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Yesterday I did an upgrade on some dependencies and plugins of my
>> company's master POM.
>> I used the versions-plugin and changed many of the suggested ones. After
>> conclude and build on CI without error, I ended up with a strange error
>> in Eclipse IDE (ubuntu, 201903, jdk11) on every project that has it as
>> its parent POM.
>> The error has no description and its title is "Unknown".
>> It took some time to track the culprit down and after I have downgraded
>> the maven-jar-plugin to 3.1.1 the error was gone.
>> I'm curious about this...
>> best regards,
>> Cristiano
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