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From Tibor Digana <>
Subject Re: proposal for maven-archetype to switch to dom4j 2.1.1 (and Java 8)
Date Mon, 03 Jun 2019 21:45:55 GMT
 @Mickael Istria
@Eric Lilja <>
@Elliotte Rusty Harold

We are the maintainers.

But there is one thing I do not understand why such upgrade is so important
for the users even if overriding the dependency in user's POM is so simple.
Do you inherit from this project and you need dom4j as transitive

Having a look in the CVE-2018-1000632 (, the root of security fix
in DOM4J 2.1.1 is called "XML Injection on element and attribute". The
issue talks about names of element where you pass character like "<". Do we
use such element name in this project? No! Because it is hard coded string
in our code:

.addElement( "modules" )
.addElement( "module" )

The classes of DOM4J is used in method stack and not exposed outside.
The security fix simply throws an exception in case of using "<" in qname.

The question is why the pressure is made high in maven-archetype, even if
we see that the base of the security fix cannot improve our life.



On Mon, Jun 3, 2019 at 7:47 PM Eric Lilja <> wrote:

> +1, people on old versions of Java can remain on the old version of the
> plugin. No one who is in a project where an old version of Java is still in
> use (< 8) expect to have everything else in their eco-system (3PPs, maven
> plugins etc) at bleeding edge versions. I guess many such projects are many
> versions behind on even supported releases...particularly regarding Maven
> plugins.
> - Eric L
> On Mon, Jun 3, 2019 at 7:23 PM Mickael Istria <> wrote:
> > People who don't want to update are the ones who have to pay the effort,
> > not the project that tries to ship a security fix.
> > The simplest past forward is the one provided by Tony. Customers who
> don't
> > want to use it can remain on previous version of the archetype plugins.
> > Other proposals to fix it are just more time-consuming without providing
> > value to Maven project.
> >

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