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From Dalibor Topic <>
Subject Re: JDK 13 - Early Access build 17 is available
Date Tue, 23 Apr 2019 10:03:32 GMT
On 19.04.2019 22:21, Tibor Digana wrote:
> Sorry guys but again, what did you change in the language?

Hi Tibor,

there are no language change JEPs (or other kinds) targeted to JDK 13 
yet. There is still almost eight weeks to go until Rampdown phase one 
starts, though. Please see for 
details of the schedule.

Based on the the JIRA status changes, I'd expect to see as the first JEP proposed to be 
targeted for JDK 13 on jdk-dev after the Easter break, fwiw.
> I don't see any significant change between Java 9 and 13 because I can 
> simply skip 4 versions...

There are 12 JEPs in JDK 10, 17 JEPs in JDK 11, and 8 in JDK 12, for a 
total of 37 JEPs between JDK 10 and JDK 12. That's roughly 12 JEPs on 
average, which makes individual releases simpler to move on to, as was 
the goal with the new release model:

"The six-month feature releases will be smaller than the multi-year 
feature releases of the past, and therefore easier to adopt."


So if you are not seeing significant issues in migrating from JDK 9 to 
JDK 13, then that's going according to plan. ;)

> Does it make sense to cut a release because you have to that you have 
> milestones

Yes, because predictability is a feature.

Since the JDK is not an end unto itself, for a significant part of the 
ecosystem it's important to understand when a new release is planned and 
what shape it will likely take in order to be able to make their own 
plans or adjustments as necessary, in a predictable fashion.

For a deeper discussion of the benefits of the new release cycle, please 

Fwiw, some other platform-building communities in the Java ecosystem 
have embraced a regular release cadence, as well - from Eclipse (who led 
the way with their release trains and now moved on to a quarterly 
release cycle), to Wildfly (quarterly), and even OpenLiberty (monthly).

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