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From Karl Heinz Marbaise <>
Subject Re: Ojdbc7 dependency issue
Date Sat, 16 Mar 2019 12:04:30 GMT

this is a question related to the usage of Maven or better of Central 
repository which should be asked on the users list instead of the Dev list.

Apart from that:

The ojdbc drivers are from Oracle and will never be added to the central 
repositories based on License restrictions of Oracle.

The only clean solution is to have a repository manager in your company 
and upload them into your repository manager. This requires to download 
them from Oracle and acknowledge the Licesne of Oracle from your side.

Kind regards
Karl Heinz Marbaise

On 15.03.19 11:41, Niyaz Abbasov wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm Niyaz. I'm from Azerbaijan. I'm a Senior Software Engineer in PASHA Bank
> <> - the top corporate bank in Azerbaijan. We are using
> Oracle as our core database system. For local projects, we're using ojdbc7
> as a driver. We always facing with ojdbc7 dependency problem which is not
> available in your repo. We're trying to solve this issue by other several
> unsuccessful ways.
> I'm asking you can you please add ojdbc7 (, driver to
> your repository?
> Best regards,
> Niyaz Abbasov

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