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From Mark Raynsford <>
Subject Re: Inheritance behaviour for MNG-5951 attributes?
Date Sun, 04 Nov 2018 15:05:19 GMT
On 2018-11-04T15:34:11 +0100
Hervé BOUTEMY <> wrote:

> you can build with quick build 
> instruction at the end of README

Thanks. I've built 523db580468bc2b9d8420470bb24f5f688220701 and it
seems to be working for all but the
element. I have this in my organization-wide POM:

I then use the property in BND bundle manifests:

The $[...] syntax is just BND-speak for "expand this property as late
as possible". Using the traditional ${...} syntax can cause those
properties to be expanded too early, resulting in the values as they
appeared in the parent being used in child modules.

Then, in a descendant project:

If I look at the resulting OSGi manifest for the
com.io7m.junreachable.core module, I see:

Bundle-Description                       Exception types for marking unreachable/unimplemented
code (Core)
Bundle-ManifestVersion                   2                                       
Bundle-Name                              com.io7m.junreachable.core 3.0.0 - Exception types
for marking unreachable/unimplemented code (Core)
Bundle-SymbolicName                      com.io7m.junreachable.core              
Bundle-Version                           3.0.0                                   
Export-Package                           com.io7m.junreachable;version="3.0.0"   
Implementation-Build                     e519345f73b1d2f4c9393eadbf9909ac361a0751
Implementation-Title                     com.io7m.junreachable.core              
Implementation-Vendor-Id                 com.io7m.junreachable                   
Implementation-Version                   3.0.0                                   
Manifest-Version                         1.0                                     
Require-Capability             ;filter:="(&("
Sealed                                   true                                    
Specification-Title                      com.io7m.junreachable.core              
Specification-Version                    3.0.0

So you can see that the Bundle-SCM field, which is built from
${project.scm.url}, has the correct non-appended value. However,
Bundle-DocURL, which is built from
${}, still has the module
name appended to it.

Mark Raynsford |

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