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From Plamen Totev <>
Subject Re: main-class + module-version
Date Sat, 03 Feb 2018 16:44:38 GMT

I've done some work on implementing `PlexusArchiver` that creates
modular JAR files using the JDK `jar` tool (`ToolProvider`)[1]. It is
still work in progress but I wanted to ask for you opinion - if there
are no objections I'll polish it(fix the code formatting, implement the
TODO items, etc) and would like eventually to merge it in master. Here
are some key points:

* It requires Java 9. This of course is not the minimum required version
for the rest of the archivers, but `java.util.spi.ToolProvider` is
introduced in Java 9. I'll fix the source and target to be 7, but it
will still require Java 9 to compile and currently Plexus Archiver does
not compile on Java 9. This is easy to fix - requires only update of
some of the plugins to yet to be released versions.

* A new class is added `ModularJarArchiver`. This would allow a "normal"
JARs to be created on Java 7 using `JarArchiver` while modular JARs will
require Java 9 (I don't think this is an issue as you need Java 9 to
compile modules anyway).

* `ModularJarArchiver` uses `JarArchiver` to create a "normal" JAR file
and then uses the JDK `jar` tool to update it to modular one. This may
require some additional work during the build compared to creating the
archive using only the `jar` tool, but `JarArchiver` provides some nice
additional features not available in the `jar` tool(such as not
re-compressing the zip files, generating manifest entries, etc).

What do you think? Any objections to implement it this way? I think this
is better approach than my previous attempt[2].

Plamen Totev


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