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From "Manfred Moser" <>
Subject Re: Maven resolver branch consolidation
Date Thu, 23 Nov 2017 04:20:45 GMT
Status update and questions:

- demos are all now in master and part of the multi module build
- no changes on the ant tasks for now


1. Can I delete the demos branch now or do we wait until next release? I would prefer to delete
the branch and close the ticket to be honest. 

2. I like the idea of promoting the ant task from being hidden in the branch into their own
repo. All we would have to do is to copy the existing repo somehow into a new repo in apache
git. Then we can dDelete all the branches apart from the ant-task branch and make that the
master. Done. I am happy to do that in terms of the branches and so on but how do I go about
getting the repo copied into a new repo named maven-resolver-ant-tasks? 



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