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From Plamen Totev <>
Subject Re: main-class + module-version
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2017 05:46:59 GMT
Hi Robert,

Thank you for you comments.

>> Also I took a look at the changes in the JDK jar tool and I notice a
>> couple of things that it does:
>> 1. The structure of the jar produced is such that the module info
>> entries are placed after the manifest and before the rest of the
>> files. Plexus Archiver does not handle  the module info entries
>> differently and they are placed in random order among the rest of the
>> files.
> IIRC Plexus Archiver is already capable to put the manifest file up front.
> The same should be possible with the module descriptor.

I double checked the changes in the Jar File Specifications [1] and
there are no requirements specifying where the module-info.class entry
should be located in regard to the rest of the entries(I mean
physically in the file). So I consider this behavior implementation

> I think we need to focus on version and mainClass first, that's probably the
> first things users will ask and which is really visible to them. If the
> extra checks are not required I consider them as nice to have checks and
> pick them up later.

Makes sense. I created issues for them as well so we don't forget them.[2][3][4]

Regarding the implementation. Unfortunately as you mention it will
require adjusting the byte code of the module-info.class. And I don't
have knowledge in the matter so I'll need help with that. Also I was
thinking that maybe such functionality(adding/replacing  information
to the ModuleDescriptor) is good fit for the newly introduced
plexus-languages project?

Plamen Totev


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