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From "Robert Scholte" <>
Subject Re: Loading providers in named modules with ServiceLoader using a plugin class realm
Date Sun, 25 Jun 2017 19:40:47 GMT
Hi Guillaume,

I don't know all the details about the Platform classloader, but it has  
been introduced with a reason.
So I don't think we should switch to it by default. I think the plugin is  
well aware which classloaders / modules it wants to use (it should be), so  
I think we need to find a mechanism for plugins to select their  
classloaders and modules.


On Sun, 25 Jun 2017 17:19:07 +0200, Guillaume Boué <>  

> Hi,
> With the introduction of modules in JDK 9, there were changes with
> regard to how classloading works, and this impacts class realms created
> in Maven. Today, the parent (as per ClassLoader.getParent()) of a class
> realm is null, which represents the bootstrap classloader. In JDK 9, the
> change is that some classes were moved to a named module other than
> java.base, and they are not loaded with the bootstrap classloader
> anymore, but with the platform classloader (which was previously the
> extension classloader, see JDK-814637).
> This has consequences, like MANTRUN-200, where locating providers with
> the ServiceLoader API, using the plugin class realm, will miss JDK
> internal implementation classes. In the case of MANTRUN-200, it is
> Nashorn of the jdk.scripting.nashorn module, that cannot be found
> because of the way ServiceLoader works
> During the search in named modules, the class realm will not be able to
> use its strategy since that process relies on parent delegation
> implemented as explicit calls to ClassLoader.getParent()
> (,
> which, for a class realm, corresponds to the base classloader, i.e. the
> bootstrap classloader. And since the Nashorn script engine factory was
> loaded with the platform classloader, it is missed.
> It seems that the fix here would be to make all class realms have as
> base classloader the platform classloader starting with JDK 9, instead
> of the bootstrap classloader (there is a new utility method in
> ClassLoader to obtain the platform classloader). I verified that this
> solves the problem described in MANTRUN-200, but before I create an MNG
> issue, I'm wondering if this is the correct approach.
> What do you think of this change to class realms? The other possibility
> I can think of would be to have a way in the JDK to override the search
> in named modules, so that our ClassRealm can also delegate to its parent
> classloader. It is possible for unnamed modules (since the search
> process then relies on the ClassLoader.getResources method, that can be
> overriden) but it doesn't look like (and probably intentionally so) to
> be possible for named modules.
> Guillaume
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