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From Karl Heinz Marbaise <>
Subject Re: Artifact "has been attached with deprecated code" warning
Date Tue, 06 Jun 2017 20:53:58 GMT

On 06/06/17 22:38, Guillaume Boué wrote:
> In the new API ProjectDeployer (in maven-artifact-transfer), I noticed 
> the default implementation raises a warning in the case that it cannot 
> set the repository to an attached artifact:

Yes this code has been "stolen" from the maven-deploy-plugin which means 
we need to adapt the implementation to get it correctly working...

We don't have reached 1.0.0 release so we can change it ...and fix the 
other plugins which already used the maven-artifact-transfer...

So first changing the maven-artifact-transfer component......and 
afterwards going forward for maven-deploy-plugin and maven-install-plugin...

Kind regards
Karl Heinz Marbaise


> I'm not sure I understand this warning correctly. It seems to come from 
> the fact that an attached artifact is represented by an instance of the 
> AttachArtifact class, that is deprecated with Maven 3, and this class 
> always throws an exception when trying to set a repository to it. But 
> with all current Maven 3 versions, the MavenProjectHelper, which is used 
> to attach artifact to a project, relies on this class 
> (,

> and so this warning looks inevitable.
> If so, why is the warning pointing to "responsible plugin" when this 
> comes from maven-core itself? And, if I'm not mistaken, should this 
> really be a warning when the user doesn't seem to be able to do anything 
> about it?
> I noticed it when using latest 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT of the Deploy Plugin: the 
> warning is raised for every attach artifact that is deployed.
> Thanks,
> Guillaume

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