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From Guillaume Boué <>
Subject Re: Loading providers in named modules with ServiceLoader using a plugin class realm
Date Mon, 26 Jun 2017 18:41:13 GMT
 From what I tested, ServiceLoader doesn't allow a custom classloading 
scheme for named modules (step 1 of

Its own scheme relies on checking modules loaded by the given 
classloader, then its parents (with a particular rule with regard to 
module layers), and it doesn't look like customizable. It also seems 
that existing META-INF/services declarations, but located in named 
modules, are ignored. For unnamed modules, or when something other than 
ServiceLoader is used, everything is apparently the same as before in 
Java 9.

This is why I think a plugin wouldn't be able to locate providers in a 
module loaded by Maven core extension classloader: parent of the plugin 
realm is bootstrap classloader directly.


Le 26/06/2017 à 01:45, Igor Fedorenko a écrit :
> Can you explain little more why plugins won't see classes loaded by
> maven core or maven core extensions classloaders? This is implemented in
> classwords and I was under impression that java9 still allowed custom
> classloading schemes like what we do or like what OSGi does.

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