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From "Robert Scholte" <>
Subject Re: maven git commit: [MNG-6182] ModelResolver interface enhancements.
Date Fri, 10 Mar 2017 19:16:59 GMT
On Fri, 10 Mar 2017 16:47:45 +0100, Christian Schulte <>  

> Am 03/10/17 um 10:42 schrieb Robert Scholte:
>> Having a closer look at this commit, I actually don't like the idea that
>> ModelResolver now supports versionRanges.
>> IMO the version should always be specific *before* resolving the model.
>> IIUC correctly this is required to supported version-ranges for managed
>> dependencies, and that is also something I wonder if we want that.
>> Please let us reconsider this commit.
> You do notice the parent resolution is part of that interface since
> Maven 3.2.2? I just added the same logic for dependencies to support
> version ranges in dependency management import declarations. Version
> ranges are supported everywhere but dependency management _import_
> declarations. We already agreed that this is a bug fix and this would
> have been part of Maven 3.4.0, if we would not have dropped it due to
> the resolver changes. MNG-4463 has been reported in JIRA 23/Nov/09
> 09:39! It's tiresome to discuss things committed in 2014 now. See the
> 'ModelResolver' interface from Maven 3.2.2. It already contains that
> logic for 'Parent' model objects.
> <;a=commitdiff;h=045bd1503b70738ffd0fa08e336574107aded801>
> The new method in 3.5.0 for 'Dependency' model objects will only be used
> to support version ranges in dependency management _import_ declarations
> coming in 3.5.1.
> <;a=commit;h=d0911ac57dccb758435cdfd3495121ec9f0ae1b4>
> Regards,

MNG-4463 is marked for 3.5.1, not for 3.5.0, so this would *not* the the  
moment to commit it.

Let's first push 3.5.0 and give everybody the change to dive into the  
complexity of dependency resolution once we start with 3.5.1


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