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From Christian Schulte>
Subject Re: maven git commit: [MNG-6182] ModelResolver interface enhancements.
Date Fri, 10 Mar 2017 22:33:47 GMT
Am 03/10/17 um 20:16 schrieb Robert Scholte:
> On Fri, 10 Mar 2017 16:47:45 +0100, Christian Schulte <>  
> wrote:
>> Am 03/10/17 um 10:42 schrieb Robert Scholte:
>>> Having a closer look at this commit, I actually don't like the idea that
>>> ModelResolver now supports versionRanges.
>>> IMO the version should always be specific *before* resolving the model.
>>> IIUC correctly this is required to supported version-ranges for managed
>>> dependencies, and that is also something I wonder if we want that.
>>> Please let us reconsider this commit.
>> You do notice the parent resolution is part of that interface since
>> Maven 3.2.2? I just added the same logic for dependencies to support
>> version ranges in dependency management import declarations. Version
>> ranges are supported everywhere but dependency management _import_
>> declarations. We already agreed that this is a bug fix and this would
>> have been part of Maven 3.4.0, if we would not have dropped it due to
>> the resolver changes. MNG-4463 has been reported in JIRA 23/Nov/09
>> 09:39! It's tiresome to discuss things committed in 2014 now. See the
>> 'ModelResolver' interface from Maven 3.2.2. It already contains that
>> logic for 'Parent' model objects.
>> <;a=commitdiff;h=045bd1503b70738ffd0fa08e336574107aded801>
>> The new method in 3.5.0 for 'Dependency' model objects will only be used
>> to support version ranges in dependency management _import_ declarations
>> coming in 3.5.1.
>> <;a=commit;h=d0911ac57dccb758435cdfd3495121ec9f0ae1b4>
>> Regards,
> MNG-4463 is marked for 3.5.1, not for 3.5.0, so this would *not* the the  
> moment to commit it.

Did you read the description of MNG-6182? There is a good reason not to
enhance a public API in a patch release. Just take a look at the history
of the ModelResolver interface. It changed in incompatible ways between
releases. I'd like this to be stable again in the next feature release.
That is 3.5.0 - not 3.5.1. That interface is just an adapter (the
maven-model-builder module does not depend on the resolver). I would not
want to add yet another adapter interface instead of enhancing the
existing one. It's *the* moment to commit this. That's why I added a
method not used by anything at the moment. Maven 3.5.0 still is a
drop-in replacement that way. No one needs to update an implementation.
This will change as soon as something starts to call the new method in
3.5.1, of course. Just as we add dependencies to Maven 3.0.0 in the
plugins ourselves instead of - say - Maven 3.3.9, I'd like others to be
able to depend on Maven 3.5.0 to compile against that API instead of
3.5.x. I am repeating the description of MNG-6182 already. I know the
Netbeans IDE is implementing the ModelResolver interface. No one would
expect that interface to change between 3.5.0 and 3.5.1 in a way that
you get a compile time error when compiling against 3.5.1 instead of 3.5.0.

> Let's first push 3.5.0 and give everybody the change to dive into the  
> complexity of dependency resolution once we start with 3.5.1

What complexity are you talking about? Someone using version ranges in a
dependency management import declaration will not do this without
intention. Maven currently fails the build with an error message. Just
like mentioned in the description of MNG-4463. No one expects a public
API to be enhanced between 3.5.0 and 3.5.1. Are we really discussing the
addition of a new method *not used anywhere*? When in doubt, we should
start a vote on this.


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