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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject Re: MNG-5567: Zips on classpath
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2017 09:07:30 GMT

there's currently a discussion in JIRA regarding MNG-5576 (Zips on classpth) 
and Michael Osipov suggested to bring the discussion to the dev list. 
Actually this already happened once last August: 

Paul Benedict wrote:

> I would like to reopen MNG-5567 because I find the solution incomplete. As
> the ticket stands today, any "zip" listed as a dependency will get put on
> the classpath. The rationale behind that decision was:
> (a) the classpath supports "zip" extensions
> (b) there is apparently no harm in automatically putting everything "zip"
> on the classpath
> (c) there is no apparent reason to opt-out
> I have an issue with (b) and (c). Here's why:
> First, it violates the principle that developers should control what goes
> on the classpath. I really can't believe Maven would wrestle this control
> away. The assumption that every "zip" is meant to be on the classpath is
> erroneous. This is not the case and Maven shouldn't automatically assume
> it. Even if Maven was to assume it, the lack of opt-in behavior gives no
> escape hatch.
> Second, for projects that I personally deal with, these "zip" artifacts
> are nothing but shared front-end web resources. These are not meant to on
> the class path. The dependencies are there so other goals can unpack them
> during the build and place them in the context root.
> Third, it's possible a "zip" non-classpath resource could conflict with a
> same named resource in the classpath. I haven't had to be concerned with
> this (yet), but I will be on the lookout if MNG-5567 doesn't change.

my concern is also (b), because it is today quite common to use the assembly 
plugin to create attached artficats with additional resources required later 
elsewhere (SQL scripts, WSDLs and their schema files, start scripts, ...). 
None of this stuff is meant to be on classpath.

On top, all these artifacts will suddenly inject transitive dependencies 
whereever they are referenced - just by using a new Maven version. We'll 
face bloated WARs and EARs with stuff not belonging there for *existing* 
projects. IMHO MNG-4467 has much more unwanted side-effects in the curent 
ecosystem compared to the support of one or two projects that deliver their 
Java archives as ZIP files.


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