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From Christian Schulte>
Subject Re: Lets talk about our changes openly. maven-surefire git commit: [SUREFIRE-1324] Surefire incorrectly suppresses exceptions when closing resources.
Date Mon, 02 Jan 2017 17:29:50 GMT
On a side note to this: I am getting quite a few IT failures building
surefire locally with Maven 3.3.9 also without that commit. If surefire
is unreliable, Maven is unreliable.

Am 01/02/17 um 18:22 schrieb Christian Schulte:
> And now everyone please take a look at that commit and tell me what is
> so hard about it to review? You are not able to scroll through this and
> verify what is going on? It's something very trivial.
> <;a=commitdiff;h=e5a6b9c8d4f514100a01dea2acf1fb059e294968>
> What does this have to do with a playground?
> If you want to know the motivation behind this:
> It's nearly impossible to get the build jobs on the CI system running
> reliable. Most of the time the tests are failing with some message like
> "The VM did not say properly goodbye." I checked out surefire, started
> to read some code and noticed some of the usual suspects I just fixed
> the same way I do it with any other project. Not just Maven.
> o Incorrect use of the various incarnations of IOUtil.close. They
> manifest in suppressing exceptions silently although closing resources
> may throw an exception needed to be handled. Surefire has target 1.6, if
> it would have target 1.7, I would have updated it to use the
> try-with-resources statement.
> o Incorrect use of the various and such methods. It's
> not ok to just test read > 0. 0 is a valid return value. It's in the
> update to
> /surefire-api/src/main/java/org/apache/maven/surefire/booter/
> That can already be the case for the sporadic failures.
> o Use of PrintStream without checking the error state.
> I would now start to take a look if I can find the reason for those
> sporadic failures and try if I can fix it. With these usual suspects in
> the code, nothing of this makes any sense. That's like searching for an
> issue although you already know there is something wrong at various places.
> What is not open about those changes? It could not be more transparent
> than that. Really.
> Am 01/02/17 um 15:42 schrieb Tibor Digana:
>> I also have such feeling that Maven became a playground.
>> Last week I saw it in reality and after Robert told me we made playground
>> in our sources I could not believe this could happen in such professional
>> project like Maven.
>> I would appreciate it if the change [1]
>> e5a6b9c8d4f514100a01dea2acf1fb059e294968 was reverted in Surefire and a new
>> pull request was open at GitHub making the code review.
>> I use to do this with myself with big changes and I am waiting for anyone
>> in the PR. We are doing the same with one excellent guy from another ASF
>> project who is supporting us with JUnit 5 addons and this works pretty well.
>> The situation in Surefire is quite ambitious to release Versions 2.19.2 and
>> 3.0.0-RC1 in parallel with 2.19.3 JDK9 support and JUnit 5 support now in
>> January.
>> The problem is that these Surefire three plugins are so easy to crash with
>> whatever changes and therefore I implemented dumping internal errors to
>> dump files which will help us investigate two Jira issues - critical and
>> blocker. And there are much more thinks to talk about the features...
>> I would really appreciate if we could behave like ordinal users in our
>> project and provide a pull request in GitHub and call for code review.
>> This does not mean only Surefire.
>> So now please revert last change [1] and let's start from the ground.
>> We should again learn from the beginning and start communicating in the
>> community; otherwise this is the end of the project.
>> [1]
>> We can talk about more visions, or I can open Wiki for such talks which I
>> think we will appreciate because everybody can add her/his visions.
>> WDYT?
>> Cheers
>> Tibor
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