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From "Manfred Moser" <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Resetting Master branch to 737de43e392fc15a0ce366db98d70aa18b3f6c03
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2017 17:52:45 GMT
I am +100 on that. Thanks for taking the initiative to get things back on track.


Stephen Connolly wrote on 2017-01-03 09:40:

> I believe we have consensus, here is the final call for anyone objecting to
> the plan to have their opinions considered.
> Here is the draft of the proposal for the vote:
> -----BEGIN DRAFT-----
> Hi,
> We have collectively managed to mess up our ability to follow the original
> release plan for 3.4.0 which was originally supposed to consist of an
> effective no-op change of Eclipse's Aether for the code after migration to
> Apache's Maven Resolver plus some other orthogonal changes around logging
> colourization and launcher script bug fixes.
> Given that some developer private builds of the current master branch have
> been shared with as 3.4.0-SNAPSHOT. More critically, JIRA issues have been
> closed with a fixed version of 3.4.0.
> For us to release a 3.4.0 with those fixes reverted, could cause confusion
> with our user community.
> Additionally the informal practice of keeping existing integration tests as
> RTC has not been followed, leading to some people to question whether the
> integration tests remain valid.
> For all the above reasons it is proposed to do *all* the following as an
> whole:
> 1. In git:// we will rename the current master
> branch to `pre-reset-master` and recreate `master` as (TODO HASH
> corresponding to a commit that does a version bump to 3.5.0-SNAPSHOT on top
> of 737de43e392fc15a0ce366db98d70aa18b3f6c03 - by having a commit that is
> not on the current master branch it will prevent accidental fast-forward
> commits)
> 2. In git:// we will rename the
> current master branch to `pre-reset-master` and recreate `master` as (TODO
> HASH corresponding to a commit on top of 94bd771c88cc96014ca0ddaa07ac6f
> 778b3c7501)
> 3. In git:// we will rename the current
> master branch to `pre-reset-master` and recreate `master`
> as b74f7a1e8837875b4780199f644119f55d22465d (i.e. the 1.0.x branch)
> We will then proceed to have (ideally) the original committers cherry-pick
> (and tidy up an squash... if the original committers are not able to assist
> then squashing may not be practicable) those changes that have been agreed
> for 3.5.0 as summarized on the
> wiki page
> (authorative source of the decisions summarized in the wiki page is the
> mail thread:
> ).
> As this involves a --force push on the `master` branch, we want to get the
> approval of the committers before continuing.
> The vote will be open for at least 72 hours.
> The vote will be decided by a simple majority of valid votes cast. There is
> no veto.
> The vote is open to all committers.
> In addition, for the vote to be valid, there must be at least 3x+1 votes
> from PMC members
> TODO: insert voting options template
> -Stephen
> -----END DRAFT-----
> I'm going to start the vote in a clean thread some time tomorrow. Any
> suggested changes will need to be provided before say 12:00 UTC,
> If you do not agree that we have consensus (i.e. you are likely to vote -1)
> please stand up and let us know your concerns so that we may adapt the plan
> to include your concerns. There is no harm in not liking the current plan,
> we would rather delay and alter our plan to address your concerns and have
> the vote thread as a formality rather than the vote thread becoming a
> source of conflict and disharmony in our community.
> Before I call the vote I will push the forking changes to maven and
> maven-integration-testing onto a separate branch so that the vote thread
> can include those hashes. I am delaying doing that until tomorrow in case
> there is a change in plan on which hash to base off.
> Fun times!

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