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Subject Using the Maven API outside of a plugin?
Date Sun, 01 Jan 2017 13:04:36 GMT
Apologies if this isn't an appropriate subject for this list. I tried
the user list and got no response. Perhaps it is more of a development


I'm writing a small program to analyze the dependencies of Maven
projects. There are numerous examples of how to do this from within a
Maven plugin, but I can't work out how to simply load a POM file and
derive a ProjectDependencyGraph from it outside of the context of a
plugin. How do I instantiate all of the required classes? As an
example, I believe I need to instantiate a MavenSession, but all of the
constructors of that class are deprecated...

Does anyone have any example code or documentation I can look at?

Even some pointers such as "these are the list of classes you need to
instantiate" would help.


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