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From Michael Osipov <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Big Scrub for proposed 3.5.0 (if we reset master)
Date Sat, 31 Dec 2016 21:26:52 GMT
Am 2016-12-31 um 21:10 schrieb Stephen Connolly:
> Here are the changes in current master since 3.3.9 (with some minor changes
> omitted)
> Issue ID   Target Version   Summary
> ========   ==============   ============================================
> MNG-1577   WONTFIX          dependencyManagement does not work for
>                             transitive dependencies
> MNG-2199   WONTFIX          Support version ranges in parent elements
> MNG-2478   WONTFIX          add "resources-filtered" filtered resource
>                             directories to super POM
> MNG-3507   WONTFIX          added support for multi-lines error message
>                             with color
> MNG-3507   WONTFIX          ANSI Color logging for improved output
>                             visibility.
> MNG-3705   WONTFIX          fixed mojo execution id color display
> MNG-3825   WONTFIX          Dependencies with classifier should not
>                             always require a version.
> MNG-4345   WONTFIX          [regression] Plugin executions contributed
>                             by default lifecycle mapping execute after
>                             other plugin executions bound to the same
>                             phase"
> MNG-4347   WONTFIX          import-scoped dependencies of direct
>                             dependencies are not resolved using profile
>                             modifications from settings.xml
> MNG-4463   WONTFIX          Dependency management import should support
>                             version ranges.
> MNG-4645   WONTFIX          Move central repo definition out of Maven's
>                             core so it can be more easily changed.
> MNG-5227   WONTFIX          The 'optional' flag of a dependency should
>                             be manageable.
> MNG-5297   WONTFIX          improved explanations on prerequisites.maven
>                             in Maven 3
> MNG-5359   WONTFIX          Declared execution in PluginMgmt gets bound
>                             to lifecycle (regression)
> MNG-5368   WONTFIX          UnsupportedOperationException thrown when
>                             version range is not correct in
>                             dependencyManagement definitions
> MNG-5457   WONTFIX          Show repository id when downloading or
>                             uploading from/to a remote repository
> MNG-5527   WONTFIX          Relocation does not work for imported poms
> MNG-5538   WONTFIX          mvn start script causes cygwin warning
> MNG-5567   WONTFIX          Zip files are not included in classpaths at
>                             all
> MNG-5600   WONTFIX          Dependency management import should support
>                             exclusions.
> MNG-5607   WONTFIX          Don't use M2_HOME in mvn shell/command
>                             scripts anymore
> MNG-5629   WONTFIX          ClosedChannelException from
> MNG-5639   WONTFIX          Support resolution of Import Scope POMs
>                             from Repo that contains a ${parameter}
> MNG-5639   WONTFIX          Support resolution of Import Scope POMs
>                             from Repo that contains a ${parameter}
> MNG-5661   WONTFIX          Make MavenProject instances immutable after
>                             initial construction
> MNG-5670   WONTFIX          guard against
>                             ConcurrentModificationException
> MNG-5761   WONTFIX          Dependency management is not transitive.
> MNG-5761   WONTFIX          Dependency management is not transitive.
> MNG-5761   WONTFIX          Dependency management is not transitive.
> MNG-5815   WONTFIX          "mvn.cmd" does not indicate failure
>                             properly when using "&&"
> MNG-5823   WONTFIX          mvnDebug doesn't work with M2_HOME with
>                             spaces - missing quotes
> MNG-5824   WONTFIX          Closes #49 because MNG-5824 has been
>                             implemented in other ways in the meantime.
> MNG-5836   WONTFIX          put $maven.home/conf/logging first in
>                             classpath to avoid extension jar overriding
>                             logging config
> MNG-5837   WONTFIX          "mvn" script invokes /bin/sh but requires
>                             /bin/bash functions Submitted by: Joseph
>                             Walton <>
> MNG-5868   WONTFIX          Adding serval times the same artifact via
>                             MavenProjectHelper (attachArtifact) does not
>                             produce a failure
> MNG-5878   WONTFIX          added property to support
>                             module name != artifactId in every
>                             calculated URLs
> MNG-5883   WONTFIX          Silence unnecessary legacy local repository
>                             warning
> MNG-5889   WONTFIX          adding logic that looks for the file argument
>                             and starts the search for the .mvn directory
>                             at the location of the specified POM when
>                             present
> MNG-5889   WONTFIX          .mvn directory should be picked when using
>                             --file
> MNG-5904   WONTFIX          Remove the whole Ant Build Reduced minimum
>                             to build Maven itself to 3.0.5 related to
>                             Maven < 3.3.1 we have to use something
>                             different than maven.home otherwise
>                             maven.home will interfere with maven.home
>                             from the mvn script which results in
>                             automatically activating the profile which
>                             is used to create the distribution folder.
>                             Using the different name
>                             distributionTargetFolder makes this safe.
> MNG-5923   WONTFIX          updated documentation after switch to
>                             official Guice 4.0
> MNG-5931   WONTFIX          Fixing documentation Removing references to
>                             ejb3-lifecycle and par-lifecycle cause they
>                             have been removed with Maven 3.3.9.
> MNG-5934   WONTFIX          String handling issues identified by PMD
>                             Submitted by: Alex Henrie
>                             <>
> MNG-5935   WONTFIX          Optional true getting lost in managed
>                             dependencies when transitive
> MNG-5940   WONTFIX          Change the maven-source-plugin jar goal into
>                             jar-no-fork in Maven Super POM
> MNG-5946   WONTFIX          Fix links etc. in README.txt which is part
>                             of the delivery - Changed consistently to
>                             https cause all links are available via
>                             https. - Fixed link to shutdown codehaus
>                             jira
> MNG-5951   WONTFIX          add an option to avoid path addition to
>                             inherited URLs
> MNG-5951   WONTFIX          fix for MNG-6059 by defining 5 attributes
>                             with 5 different names instead of 3
>                             attributes with the same name
> MNG-5951   WONTFIX          fixed description of the 3 attributes and
>                             the effect on the 5 urls fields
>                             (inconsistencies found when working on
>                             MNG-6059)
> MNG-5954   WONTFIX          Remove outdated maven-embedder/src/main
>                             /resources/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
> MNG-5958   WONTFIX          restore binary compatibility of
>                             Lifecycle.setPhases
> MNG-5962   WONTFIX          mvn fails when the current directory has
>                             spaces in between Submitted by: Miriam Lee
> MNG-5963   WONTFIX          mvn.cmd does not return ERROR_CODE
> MNG-5967   WONTFIX          Dependency updates.
> MNG-5968   WONTFIX          Default plugin version updates.
> MNG-5971   WONTFIX          Imported dependencies should be available to
>                             inheritance processing
> MNG-5975   WONTFIX          Use Java 7's SimpleDateFormat in
>                             CLIReportingUtils#formatTimestamp
> MNG-5977   WONTFIX          Improve output readability of our
>                             MavenTransferListener implementations
> MNG-5981   WONTFIX          upgrade Sisu to 0.3.3 to pick up lifecycle
>                             fix
> MNG-5984   WONTFIX          Maven core extension resolution ignores
>                             repositories from activeByDefault profiles
>                             in settings.xml
> MNG-5993   WONTFIX          Confusing error message in case of
>                             missing/empty  artifactId/groupId and
>                             version in pluginManagement
> MNG-6001   WONTFIX          Replace %HOME% with %USERPROFILE% in mvn.cmd
> MNG-6003   WONTFIX          Drastically reduce JAVA_HOME discovery code
> MNG-6014   WONTFIX          Removing ArtifactHandler for ejb3  o
>                             Followup to MNG-5894 of Maven 3.3.9 where
>                             the maven-ejb3-plugin has been removed from
>                             life cycle.
>                             o Removed the ArtifactHandler for ejb3
>                               cause without a bound life cycle it
>                               does not make sense.
> MNG-6017   WONTFIX          Removing ArtifactHandler for par LifeCycle
>                             o Removed ArtifactHandler configuration for
>                               par lifeclyce which has been removed in
>                               Maven 3.3.9 See MNG-5892
> MNG-6023   WONTFIX          Upgrade of slf4j-simple to a version later
>                             than 1.7.16 blocked by upstream issue.
> MNG-6029   WONTFIX          Duplicate conditional and body in
> MNG-6030   WONTFIX          ReactorModelCache do not used effectively
>                             after maven version 3.0.5 which cause a
>                             large memory footprint
>                             o Reintroduced ReactorModelCache reduces
>                               the memory footprint.
> MNG-6032   WONTFIX          WARNING during build based on absolute path
>                             in assembly-descriptor.
> MNG-6035   WONTFIX          Upgrade animal-sniffer-maven-plugin to 1.15
> MNG-6037   WONTFIX          add support for Gossip slf4j provider
>                             Submitted by: Jason Dillon Applied with
>                             modifications since general Maven color
>                             support was extracted from logging in
>                             MNG-3507 this closes #81
> MNG-6038   WONTFIX          use Gossip slf4j provider (with level color
>                             support)
> MNG-6041   WONTFIX          Option -l does not disables the colorized
>                             output.
> MNG-6043   WONTFIX          Colorization is disabled too late in batch
>                             mode
> MNG-6046   WONTFIX          upgrade JAnsi from 1.12 to 1.13
> MNG-6049   WONTFIX          Add behavior to filter resolved version
>                             ranges of an artifact
> MNG-6053   WONTFIX          guard against key without value
> MNG-6053   WONTFIX          prevent NPE when copying System Properties
>                             in MavenRepositorySystemUtils
> MNG-6054   WONTFIX          Removal of super pom plugin management.
> MNG-6055   WONTFIX          Move the release profile out of Maven's core
>                             so it can be more easily changed.
> MNG-6057   WONTFIX          Problem with CI friendly usage of ${..}
>                             reactor order is changed
>                             o Based on the missing replacement of the
>                               versions ${revision} ${changelist} or
>                               ${sha1} within the parent element the
>                               order of the reactor changes.
> MNG-6059   WONTFIX          improved inheritance documentation
> MNG-6059   WONTFIX          inherit added attributes
> MNG-6068   WONTFIX          Document default scope compile in XSD
>                             o Added information about default scope in
>                               XSD comment.
> MNG-6070   WONTFIX          [REGRESSION] Profile activation based on a
>                             property does not work correctly
> MNG-6073   WONTFIX          Addition of a core extension point to the
>                             model builder supporting model finalization.
> MNG-6074   WONTFIX          Maven should produce an error if no model
>                             version has been set in a POM file used to
>                             build an effective model.
> MNG-6075   WONTFIX          Increase the model validation level to the
>                             next minor level version.
> MNG-6078   WONTFIX          Can't overwrite properties which have been
>                             defined in .mvn/maven.config
>                             o Reversed the order of properties only to
>                               get the properties from command line at
>                               the end of the properties list which
>                               results in correct behaviour to be able
>                               to overwrite properties from command line
>                               for properties which have been defined in
>                               .mvn/maven.config file.
> MNG-6079   WONTFIX          3.4 regression: cannot override version of
>                             a dependencyManagement in a submodule any
>                             more
> MNG-6081   WONTFIX          Log refactoring - Method Invocation
>                             Replaced By Variable
> MNG-6082   WONTFIX          Introduction of model version 4.1.0.
> MNG-6084   WONTFIX          Support JSR 250 @PreDestory and
>                             @PostContruct
> MNG-6088   WONTFIX          add a newline after forked execution
>                             success message
> MNG-6092   WONTFIX          warn if prerequisites.maven is used for
>                             non-plugin projects
> MNG-6093   WONTFIX          switched to monkey patched slf4j-simple
>                             provider supporting Maven color styles
>                             (reverts MNG-6038)
> MNG-6096   WONTFIX          Deprecate DefaultArtifactVersion class
> MNG-6102   WONTFIX          Introduce ${maven.conf} in m2.conf
> MNG-6105   WONTFIX          properties.internal.SystemProperties
>                             .addSystemProperties() is not really
>                             thread-safe
> MNG-6106   WONTFIX          Remove maven.home setter from m2.conf
> MNG-6109   WONTFIX          PluginDescriptor doesn't read since value
>                             of parameter
> MNG-6110   WONTFIX          updated introduction
> MNG-6110   WONTFIX          Upgrade Aether to Maven Resolver 1.2
> MNG-6112   WONTFIX          Central repository in the 4.0.0 super POM
>                             should declare update policy 'never'.
> MNG-6113   WONTFIX          Rename the 'Central Repository' to
>                             'Maven Central Repository' in the 4.0.0
>                             super POM.
> MNG-6114   WONTFIX          Profiles from the global settings should be
>                             ordered before profiles from the user
>                             settings.
> MNG-6115   WONTFIX          Add Jansi native library search path to our
>                             start scripts
> MNG-6117   WONTFIX          ${session.parallel} not correctly set
> MNG-6127   WONTFIX          Fix plugin execution configuration
>                             interference
> MNG-6135   WONTFIX          Maven plugins and core extensions are not
>                             dependencies, they should be resolved the
>                             same way as projects.
> MNG-6135   WONTFIX          Maven plugins and core extensions are not
>                             dependencies, they should be resolved the
>                             same way as projects.
> MNG-6135   WONTFIX          Maven plugins and core extensions are not
>                             dependencies, they should be resolved the
>                             same way as projects.
> MNG-6135   WONTFIX          Maven plugins are not dependencies, they
>                             should be resolved the same way as projects.
> MNG-6138   WONTFIX          Remove obsolete message_*.properties form
>                             maven-core
> MNG-6139   WONTFIX          Addition of command line option
>                             'legacy-dependency-management'.
> MNG-6140   WONTFIX          renamed aether to resolver, added
>                             slf4j-provider
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          Add a ProjectArtifactsCache similar to
>                             PluginArtifactsCache
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          added core extensions documentation
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          added slf4j-api and jansi dependencies
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          Added some docs in CLIReporting Utils
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          Avoid implicit conversions of int to long
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          Cleaned up code using the ComparableVersion
>                             class prevents warnings in IDE about raw
>                             types.
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          cleanup previous installation before installing
>                             the new one
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          Code polishing  o Replaced
>                             Collections.unmodifiableList() with
>                             google ImmutableSet to keep the original Set
>                             type.
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          Code polishing  o Replaced static initializer
>                             block with unmodifiableList()
>                             list to make sure the list itself will
>                             never being changed.
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          Fixing misspellings in test names
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          Increased memory for forked JVM from 256 to
>                             385m.
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          Build plugin updates.
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          Updated 'DefaultSettingsDecrypter' to allow
>                             configuration to be set programmatically.
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          Updated to remove deprecated <prerequisites>
>                             element causing a warning.
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          Pass force=true to DefaultWagonManagerTest
>                             #testGetMissingJarForced()
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          Remove ancient Subversion keywords
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          Removing redundant test
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          Update Maven Dependency Plugin in Super POM
>                             to 2.10
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          updated code to match API change after
>                             Michael's feedback
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          updated code to match MessageBuilder API
>                             change
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          Updated doap_Maven.rdf file
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          updated parent pom
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          Updated to correct '[ERROR] src/main/java
>                             /org/apache/maven/execution/
>                   [31:8] (imports)
>                             UnusedImports: Unused import -
>                             org.apache.maven.lifecycle.internal.
>                             builder.Builder.'.
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          Updated to correct '[ERROR] src/main/java
>                             /org/apache/maven/execution/
>                   [391] (sizes)
>                             LineLength: Line is longer than 120
>                             characters (found 131).
>                             [ERROR] src/main/java/org/apache/maven/
>                             execution/[398]
>                             (sizes) LineLength: Line is longer than
>                             120 characters (found 130).'.
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          Updated to ensure 'MavenProject.
>                             getManagedVersionMap()' consistently
>                             returns an immutable map.
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          Updated to ensure collections are immutable
>                             consistently.
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          Updated to get rid of some Javadoc warnings.
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          Updated to make the
>                             'JavaDependencyContextRefiner' part of the
>                             dependency graph transformer lost in
>                             commit
>                             3916201b985c281a2b073b9b764bbb554584f5a7.
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          Updated to remove various Javadoc warnings.
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          Updated to use the try-with-resources
>                             statement.
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          upgrade m-assembly-p to 3.0.0
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          Use proper spelling of "e.g."
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          Use the proper term for char U+002D (-)
>                             hyphen(-minus) instead of dash
> MNG-xxxx   WONTFIX          Work around a rounding bug existed upto
>                             Java 7
> I am starting by labelling everything as WONTFIX by default. We need to
> start by identifying anything that should go into 3.5.0, those we should
> mark as FIX-3.5.0
> A second round are bugs that should be fixed after the resolver swap
> release, they should be marked FIX-3.5.x
> Third round (which is not an immediate priority) is anything that needs a
> minor version bump... they should be FIX-3.6.x
> If we need a major version bump... FIX-4.x.y
> If it needs a POM version change... FIX-5.x.y
> Everything else is WONTFIX

Can you please add this to cwiki? It will be a nightmare on the mailing 
list. We will lose track.


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