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From Tibor Digana <>
Subject Re: Parent Version maybe not needed in child POM
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2016 05:04:11 GMT
>>Something like an J2EE
>>You can take a long walk
>>until it finishes downloading sources, javadoc, dependencies
>>I really only open the module(s) I need
This is not Maven problem then.
You architect must give you a freedom to move some modules apart and keep
some in it which makes the multi-module project as small as possible.
It must be really something wrong with your architect because you are
deploying SNAPSHOT versions to Nexus.
We only use multi-module project if and only if all projects have
compilation dependencies AND common database model.
There are always things which can be split to another trunk, for instance
Audit module or GenericDao, generic JSF components, Crypto utilities. There
was something wrong with our architect because he wanted to have a shared
business:jar and therefore we decided to combine multiple trunks to one
trunk and multi-module project and split the business part and minimize
coupling between WAR files and avoid cohesion in business:jar. It will be
still multi-module project but smaller because we will push some code apart
in another trunk but keep all WAR files in it because they have common
database model. In our case Microservices do not make sense because the web
UI requires using complex SQL JOINs and combining all Microservices in one
Elastic database brings us to one database again. One way or another I want
to combine all 12 war files only to 3 War files because it makes sense
which will make the big project smaller again and again. (admin:war,
customer:war, schedulers:war)

So I only wanted to say that multi-module project can be made small if
people have freedom to make it and then it is worth for them to still build
it from the root and test few applications together. Minimizing the
coupling and reorganizing cohesion is the way to reach the goal to have
multiple trunks (deploy release versions) having small multi-module project
(no snapshot deployment) in each trunk.

On Tue, Dec 13, 2016 at 12:25 AM, Christian Schulte <> wrote:

> Am 12/12/16 um 23:23 schrieb Igor Fedorenko:
> > Disagree. I think in most if not all cases we build entire project, not
> > just random part of a project.
> Try opening a big multi-module project in Netbeans, for example.
> Something like an J2EE application server. You can take a long walk
> until it finishes downloading sources, javadoc, dependencies and the
> background scanning task before you can change a single line of code.
> Working on projects like that, I really only open the module(s) I need
> to work on, build them in isolation and copy resuling jar files around -
> during development.
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