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From Michael Osipov <>
Subject Re: maven-wagon git commit: [MRESOLVER-9] DefaultDependencyCollector does not correctly handle dependency management.
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2016 16:10:17 GMT
Am 2016-12-15 um 00:39 schrieb Christian Schulte:
> Am 12/15/16 um 00:19 schrieb Christian Schulte:
>>  -ldm,--legacy-dependency-management
>> Use Maven 2 dependency management behaviour. Can also be activated by
>> using -Dmaven.legacyDependencyManagement=true.
>> There are a bunch of issues in JIRA affecting dependency management.
>> That option could be used to provide a way for users to be able to
>> switch to the Maven 2 management behaviour. Maybe with this option in
>> place it would make sense to log warnings whenever this option is used
>> providing guidance for changing POMs.
> We could also release Maven 3.4.0 as Maven 4.0.0 to make things clear
> and change the dependency management to whatever behaviour seems to be
> the most useful. What we now have on master is just consistent to what
> has been documented. The non-transitive scopes start to work correctly.
> That means you need to make all transitive dependencies with those
> scopes direct dependencies. For 'provided' and 'optional', it makes
> sense. If it makes sense for the 'test' scope is questionable. I do not
> know the reason for the 'test' scope to be non-transitive. Can someone
> clarify that?

I would strongly prefer ALL depenency resolution (code- and/or 
documentation-wise) to be fixed and rebrand to 4.0.0. There is some much 
cleanup that this cannot be a minor, even if you doing the right thing.

All other changes planned for 4.0, like Model 5, etc. can be postponed 
easily to Maven 5.0.

Christian, thank you very much for the in-depth analysis on the issues 
raised over the last couple of weeks on the mailing list. As well as the 
code reviews and fixes.


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