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From Michael Osipov <>
Subject Re: slf4j runtime dependency for plugin
Date Sun, 14 Aug 2016 20:31:18 GMT
Am 2016-08-12 um 23:48 schrieb Christopher:
> Hi,
> I use a plugin which has a runtime dependency on an slf4j implementation,
> but the plugin itself is built without declaring one in its pom. (
> In some versions of Maven, I get a warning about slf4j not finding an
> implementation. In other versions, it is silent.
> Was an slf4j implementation provided in newer versions to the execution of
> plugins?
> Will there be a multiple-binding conflict if the plugin itself provides one
> of its own to get rid of the warning on certain versions of maven which
> result in that warning (I didn't see one when I tried)?
> If there is a risk of a conflict, which implementation would be preferred
> in order to converge on one provided by Maven?
> Is there another solution the plugin should seek?
> In general, what dependencies are plugins expected to provide, and what
> dependencies are expected to be provided by Maven, and how are conflicts
> resolved in the architecture?
> Feel free to comment on the GitHub issue directly, or here. I'll be
> watching both.

I will cite what I have written on Stack Overflow 
( five years ago and it still 
holds true:

You *never* provide a log implementation. The client application has to 
do so. Otherwhise this would be a violation of separation of concerns. 
Don't do any assumptions about an unknown client.

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