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From Christian Schulte>
Subject Re: POM Model version 4.1.0 in 3.4.0-SNAPSHOTs
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2016 16:39:59 GMT
Am 08/31/16 um 07:52 schrieb Stephen Connolly:
> I've been thinking about what to call the "consumer Pom"...
> I think this is actually not a project object model, but the project
> dependency trees
> It should list each side artifact and their dependency trees...
> So for example:
> * the java doc artifacts should depend on the corresponding dependency java
> doc artifacts (in an ideal world) because we expect {@link} references
> * the source artifacts do not depend on anything else (normally) but for an
> ├╝ber jar (which yes is a bad pattern) you would actually be correct to
> depend on the bundled artifacts source jars... So the concept still makes
> sense
> * the test jar artifact would have the full test dependency tree exposed as
> this would allow for test reuse


Sounds like dependency trees by scope. The compile scope tree, the
runtime scope tree, the test scope tree, the documentation scope tree,
the source code scope tree, the invented by a 3rd party scope tree, etc.

> Now I guess the question is if .pdt or .adt (artifact dependency trees) are
> too entrenched in some other domain that we'd want to avoid using one
> of those extensions
> Next steps:
> * start fleshing out a schema for the .pdt files
> * start fleshing out a spec for the repository layout (should be "parsable"
> by modelVersion 4.0.0 aware clients, but need to decide how to expose new
> features)



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