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From Christian Schulte>
Subject Re: Preleminary Maven 3.4.0-SNAPSHOT Testing (Take 3)
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2016 00:32:32 GMT
Am 08/16/16 um 23:14 schrieb Curtis Rueden:
> properly with Maven 3.4.0. But I am very concerned about the precedent
> here: at any point in the future, complex builds which used to work might
> stop doing so, even without a major version increment, due to future
> changes in the logic of core Maven.
> It would be ideal if in the future (something for Maven 4?), as much of
> this logic as possible could be pushed out of core and into plugins, so
> that they can be pinned in the POM, to promote better build reproducibility.

There is an easy way to solve this. Maven validates the model version in
the POM to match "4.0.0". Based on that version, Maven can decide how to
behave. I am thinking about introducing model version "4.1.0" in Maven
3.4. All existing 4.0.0 POMs will work the same way as before. Model
version 4.1.0 POMs can only be used by Maven >= 3.4. As soon as a
project starts deploying model version 4.1.0 POMs, Maven < 3.4 will not
support that and abort with an error message. There are other features
we could/should change/introduce in 3.4 based on that model version.
There are no release notes yet. Jut for the 'import' scope there are 3
things we could control based on the model version in 3.4 already.
Nothing of that would be supported by Maven < 3.4 so based on this
discussion, these would need to be reverted as well.

o Version range support for 'import' scope (MNG-4463).
o Relocation support for 'import' scope (MNG-5527).
o Execlusion processing for 'import' scope (MNG-5600).

Put a version range in an 'import' scope declaration, Maven < 3.4 will
abort with an error. Use a relocation in an 'import' scope declaration,
Maven < 3.4 will ignore it. Add execlusions to an 'import' scope
declaration, Maven < 3.4 will ignore it. We added features like these in
the past without incrementing the model version.

In my opinion, everything which has ever been postponed or reverted due
to backwards compatibility should go into 3.4 based on model version
4.1.0. I am not talking about a model change. Just update Maven 3.4 to
validate the model version holds "4.0.0" or "4.1.0" and decide on that
value what to do.


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