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From Michael Osipov <>
Subject Re: Maven 3.4.0 and documentation of gossip logging
Date Mon, 11 Jul 2016 09:26:24 GMT
Am 2016-07-11 um 10:53 schrieb Mirko Friedenhagen:
> Hello,
> is someone already working on the documentation for this? I see
> slf4j-gossip was chosen, so we may enjoy colors in the output but how
> do you configure gossip? I only found how to influence the location of
> configuration files, but the format of these seems not to be
> documented.
> Looking at e.g.
> I see how to
> configure stuff. Or take a look at
> I checked out gossip but did not find anything equivalent to the
> above. Is there a even possibility to influence single logger
> thresholds via System properties? Are the default file names I see for
> gossip the correct ones? I spent at least an hour but did not get my
> usecase working (i.e. do not show downloads and print duration in
> milliseconds).
> One of the more wanted logging features with Maven (at least here) is
> to quieten down Maven (i.e. only show WARN/ERROR) so non
> build-engineers are seeing test errors/failures more easily.
> And I am a bit afraid that 3.4.0 is doing too much (changed logger,
> changed resolutions etc.)
> I now just tried and set
> MAVEN_OPTS="-Dcom.planet57.gossip.Log.threshold=WARN
> -Dcom.planet57.gossip.Log.internalThreshold=WARN", but this did not
> help. Before I had variations of
> but none of these did work.

For that reason, I have created MNG-6044 four weeks ago.


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