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From Andreas Sewe <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSION] finishing Aether import: help find a new name
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2016 15:37:36 GMT
Jason van Zyl wrote:
> It’s all Maven specific, it’s always been Maven specific and that’s
> unlikely to change after how many years? Even if it can employ
> different strategies it’s still the Maven Artifact Resolution API. No
> one is going to use this API to resolve from NuGet, NPMJS, PyPi or
> anything else. Let’s just make it better for our specific use cases
> instead of imagining this is going to be a general purpose tool. It
> is clear that this never happened and probably never will.

I think the confusion stems from the fact that there is both Maven (the
tool) and the Maven repository format (the combination of directory
structure, maven-metadata.xml, checksums files, etc.).

The API we are talking about is for the Maven repository format and not
some other repository format (like p2, NuGet, ...). It may be used by
Maven *and* other tools (like Gradle, sbt, ...). In that sense, it is
*not* specific to the Maven tool, but it is specific to the Maven
repository format. Hence, calling it something with Maven in the name
makes sense to me.

FWIW, we (the Eclipse Code Recommenders project) have been using (first
Sonatype, then Eclipse) Aether since ~2010 to download recommendation
models stored in a repository which does follow the Maven repository
format, but which does not store your typical artifacts (JARs with
pom.xml). If that use case is still supported by the new API, I really
don't care how the API is called. ;-)

Best wishes,


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