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From "Robert Scholte" <>
Subject Re: Plexus Component Injection
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2016 17:40:16 GMT
Wagon[1] is only about transportation and it not aware of any Maven  
configuration such as the settings.xml, hence there are no Maven core  

I don't think you need the DefaultDownloader. Instead I would try to use  
the ArtifactResolver from maven-artifact-transfer, which *is* aware of  
Maven configuration.

Give it a try to rewrite it. Let me know if you need extra hints to  
refactor this.



On Wed, 29 Jun 2016 10:26:44 +0200, Petar Tahchiev <>  

> Hello guys,
> I'm running the tests in maven-archetype with Windows and a proxy (yeah,  
> I
> know :)) and one of them fails because it cannot find an archetype with  
> the
> archetype manager. So I looked at the DefaultDownloader in  
> archetype-common
> which injects ArtifactResolver like this:
> @Requirement
> private ArtifactResolver artifactResolver;
> and when I stop with a breakpoint to inspect the artifact resolver, I see
> it is of type DefaultArchetypeResolver and the WagonManager inside it has
> an empty map of proxies defined. This however contradicts to my
> settings.xml:
>     <proxies>
>        <proxy>
>        <id>aproxy</id>
>        <active>true</active>
>        <protocol>http</protocol>
>        <username></username>
>        <password></password>
>        <host>XXXX</host>
>        <port>XXXX</port>
>        <nonProxyHosts>localhost</nonProxyHosts>
>        </proxy>
>     </proxies>
> Any idea who's defining the artifactResolver or why it does not respect  
> my
> settings.xml when running a test?
> P.S. The build was failing because it couldn't download the dependencies,
> but then I declared the proxy and that went fine. So it looks like the
> proxy works fine when downloading dependencies, but not when I run the
> tests.

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