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From Peter Hansson <>
Subject Maven Server matching
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2016 22:01:54 GMT

I've been looking at improving the way certain plugins (scm, release, etc) lookup credentials
from a <server> in settings.xml in order to find the credentials to use for a given
The current method - largely undocumented - is that the hostname from endpoint's URL must
match the server id from settings.xml. There's optional support for port number as well in
the case where e.g. multiple SCMs are running the on same endpoint. The actual code to do
the matching between the server-id and the URL is scattered - and worse - replicated in several
projects. For example it exists in the scm plugin but also in the release plugin.
There are a number of use case that are currently unsupported:
1. Running several *different* flavours of SCMs on the same host. Say you have a host called
"repohost" which is both an SVN and a Git host. Ok, not very likely, but alas not something
possible today.
2. Using different credentials *within* the same SCM endpoint. Now this is much worse. Just
think of sites like GitHub and Bitbucket. It is certainly not uncommon for the same developer
to have several identities on those sites.

There are probably more cases out there that won't work today.
I was about to contribute some code that could fix the problem by allowing to match to a server-id
on many more elements of the URL than just hostname and port but would require changes to
all SCM providers as they would have to implement at least one new method. 

However, it now dawns on me that by far the best solution would be to allow a new optional
element in the <scm> section of the POM, namely <serverId>. If present this will
then be used to match a server-id from settings.xml. If not present the existing matching
method (based on hostname and optionally the port) would prevail. This would be a much cleaner
approach than allowing to match on elements of the URL ... and also a lot easier to explain
to the Maven user. I can see from source code comments that certainly this thought has existed
in the mind of some developer years ago but for some reason never carried out.
Any comments on this?  Would you support the idea of a new optional element, <serverId>,
within the <scm> section ?


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