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From Thomas Finneid <>
Subject Information about how to develop plugin
Date Mon, 04 Apr 2016 19:51:21 GMT

I am looking into developing a maven plugin for a Scala testing 
framework named ScalaCheck.

I was wondering if there is any up to date articles or such, that 
explain the main concepts of maven internals, its archtecture, work 
separation between modules, how it fits together in the build process 
and so on.

I have run through the plugin developer article about how to create my 
first mojo, so I have a simple plugin that prints Hello World in my 
desired phase.
I have looked through a lot of the documentation on plugin development 
and some of the maven development documentation.
But I am having problems finding information that explains to me how 
things work and how to do stuff or how to access stuff in maven.

All plugins do things and need to access information from maven, to be 
able to do anything useful. E.g. a compiler plugin needs to access the 
source files from the correct directories, it needs access to 
dependencies and so on

As you migh guess I feel a bit lost, so any pointers, tips or 
explanations would be appreciated.



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