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From Igor Fedorenko <>
Subject Re: move maven core to java 7?
Date Sun, 08 Mar 2015 19:34:20 GMT

On 2015-03-08 9:35, Tibor Digana wrote:
> @Igor
> Would you introduce trully incremental compiler with JDT?
> I guess the surefire would need the interface from core or compiler to be
> notified about modified tests in order to execute only those.

Incremental test execution requires full impact analysis and is far more
complicated problem than tracking recompiled classes. For example,
changes to a method body in a main class does not result in
recompilcation of any other classes, main or test. You'd need to build
full dependency graph of all classes to tell what tests are affected by
the change. Then you have reflection, dependency injection, changes to
resources. Knowing what classes are recompiled is not nearly enough.


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