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From Hervé BOUTEMY <>
Subject status of last plugins release with Maven 2.2.1 and Java 5 requirements
Date Tue, 03 Mar 2015 04:45:23 GMT
Hi Maven devs,

We're now near the objective [1]

On 49 plugins, 37 reached the target (with m-pmd-p requiring Java 6 instead of 
5) and 2 already jumped to Maven 3.0 requirement
And maven-stage-plugin is on vote

= 40 from 49: more than 80% of the job is done, great!

Thank you to those who worked on this, particularly Karl Heinz who did a great 
part of it.

This lets 9 plugins to release:
- maven-scm-plugin
- maven-docck-plugin
- maven-jar-plugin
- maven-patch-plugin
- maven-verifier-plugin
- maven-archetype-plugin
- maven-eclipse-plugin
- maven-compiler-plugin
- maven-doap-plugin

Are there volunteers on each one, please?

IMHO, we should write down the list of plugins and versions to the Maven 2 EOL 
page [2], to clearly store this info while it is available (copy/pasting the 
report) and link to versioned documentation of every plugin: if no objection, 
I'll do it in a few days.

I think that we should also have a convention on each plugin (and perhaps each 
component) to document requirements history: I have no precise idea on the way 
to do that. Addition to plugin-info.html (with parameters in pom.xml)? Add a 
standard paragraph in index.html (and update maven-docck-plugin to check for 
it)? Any idea?

Then we'll be able to upgrade to Maven 3.0 and Java 6 requirements in parent 
And of course announce to users the plan towards plugins 3.x for Maven 3.0 and 
JDK 6 requirement (and remember full Maven 2.x EOL, that is not only Maven, 
but also plugins).

Really good job: this gives a great consistency step that was lacking before.





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