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From Tibor Digana <>
Subject Re: move maven core to java 7?
Date Sun, 08 Mar 2015 13:35:22 GMT
+ 1, Java SE 7

Looking for changes in our plugins as well.

For instance Java 7 introduced a new utility class java.util.Objects.
I found this very useful :

java.util.Objects.requireNonNull() in offensive programming in constructors

For instance many people still use the old style of Java 1.4/1.5 which we
can rewrite => to Java 6 :

String.length() == 0 => String.isEmpty()
return Boolean.TRUE; => return true; (java 5 autoboxing)
Collections.synchronizedList() => CopyOnWriteArrayList /
ConcurrentLinkedQueue (java 5 java.util.concurrent.*)
java.util.LinkedList : Deque (see the methods of Deque)

Would you introduce trully incremental compiler with JDT?
I guess the surefire would need the interface from core or compiler to be
notified about modified tests in order to execute only those.

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