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From "Robert Scholte" <>
Subject Re: Apache Maven JDeps Plugin
Date Mon, 16 Feb 2015 18:28:05 GMT
Hi Alan,

if you are referring to the -R / -recursive option of the jdeps tool, then  
yes you can.
I think jdeps is first of all interesting for the classes of the current  
Java project, so I've set the default of this parameter to 'false'.  
However, if the majority thinks it is better to activate this by default,  
we will consider to change this value.


Op Mon, 16 Feb 2015 19:16:52 +0100 schreef Alan Bateman  

> On 14/02/2015 15:32, Robert Scholte wrote:
>> Hi,
>> during FOSDEM 2015 a few members of the Apache Maven team visited a  
>> talk of Oracle, presented by Rory O'Donnell and Dalibor Topic.
>> Their talk ended with encouraging everybody to use the JDeps tool to  
>> analyze your dependencies in preparation of JDK9s jigsaw.
>> On behalf of the Maven team I've picked up the task to develop a plugin  
>> which can do the analysis during the build of a Java project. Call it a  
>> thin Maven wrapper around the JDeps tool.
>> The sources can be found here:
>> The documentation can be found here:
>> There's a SNAPSHOT version availabe at
>> The plugin is still in development, but now would be an appropriate  
>> moment to share your thoughts on what this plugin should do. For  
>> instance: break the build if the project depends on JDK internal APIs  
>> (already implemented).
>> So please, share your ideas.
> This looks very useful. If I read the documentation pages correctly then  
> it checks the project main and test classes which makes me curious about  
> dependences. Does it run jdeps on those too?
> -Alan.

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