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From Kristian Rosenvold <>
Subject Rewritten plexus-interpolation to maven shared ?
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2015 08:27:21 GMT
I have done what is more or less a complete rewrite of
plexus-interpolation. The new version is a fair bit more efficient
than the old version and also has features to avoid reinterpolating
files that would not be changed, avoiding the filesystem timestamp
change, which is probably one of the most asked-for open issue we have
right now (existing in many permutations in our issue trackers)

I took at look at the provenance of what little code remains in my
rewrite and it's all basically work by

John Casey
Olivier Lamy

Assuming John and Olivier agree, would it be OK if I moved this new
version to maven-interpolation (maven-shared?). The old plexus-code
would stay where it is.

The new version is not API compatible with the old version, but I'd
rewrite everything to use the new version if we move it.


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