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From Hervé BOUTEMY <>
Subject Re: MavenPluginManager#setupPluginRealm "imports" parameter
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2015 04:14:56 GMT

Sorry for the delay: needed to take time to really think about the impact

effective real world tests confirm that "imports" parameter is not taken into 
account: lately, we found the first plugin I know of that was bitten by this 
fact. It's Apache Rat Maven Plugin, that is bitten by Xerces injected by Maven 
Site Plugin even if these classes are not in the "import" parameter. See 
RAT-158 [1]

The import parameter is used to export Doxia from maven-site-plugin to the 
reporting plugins, and only Doxia, not the full maven-site-plugin transitive 
dependencies [1]

I don't think that any report plugin really /requires/ a dependency to be 
injected by maven-site-plugin, since a report plugin can be used standalone 
too, without the maven-site-plugin then its classes.

On the other hand, a report mojo can be confused if its own dependency version 
is overridden by maven-site-plugin: do you know what's the order of 
dependencies for report plugin?

If the order makes maven-site-plugin's dependencies override report plugins 
ones, I think the import parameter should be taken into acccount: of course, 
this should be tested to be sure there is no unexpected side effect.

if the order makes report plugin hav its wn version override maven-site-
plugin, I suppose it's safer to stay as is

What is clear is that this bug wasn't found by anybody before, so it doesn't 
have too much consequences in real life: great code review :)





Le mardi 3 février 2015 23:31:24 Igor Fedorenko a écrit :
> MavenPluginManager#setupPluginRealm "imports" parameter is not used in
> any meaningful way. No matter what packages are passed in, the created
> plugin realm will have access to all classes from the provided parent
> classloader. I did some more digging and looks like this is how Maven
> behaved for last 4+ years, so I assume all existing plugins are happy
> with this.
> By "fix" I meant to change the code to honour parent imports, but I now
> think it's too risky given how long the current behaviour was in place.
> I plan to update javadoc to state the parameter is ignored and possible
> cleanup the implementation.
> --
> Regards,
> Igor
> On 2015-02-03 22:04, Hervé BOUTEMY wrote:
> > Le mardi 3 février 2015 16:42:47 Igor Fedorenko a écrit :
> >> Does anyone have a usecase that demonstrates use of
> >> MavenPluginManager#setupPluginRealm "imports" parameter? I've found
> >> DefaultMavenReportExecutor from maven-reporting-exec, which provides
> >> list of imported packages, but not sure how to use it from a project.
> > 
> > what do you mean by "use it from a project"?
> > 
> > maven-reporting-exec is used by maven-site-plugin to execute reports:
> > maven- site-plugin is the only plugin I know of that launches plugins
> > (here called "reports"), but this is the general use case = "plugins
> > launching plugins"
> > 
> > I really need it for m-site-p
> > 
> >>   From what I can tell, this parameter is currently masked by
> >> 
> >> DefaultMavenPluginManager implementation and plugins can use any classes
> >> from the provided parent classloader. So I am not sure if we should fix
> >> parent imports implementation or get rid of it completely.
> > 
> > "fix"? what is the bug you're trying to fix?
> > is this API causing issue for some evolution?
> > 
> > Regards,
> > 
> > Hervé
> > 
> >> Thank you in advance.
> >> 
> >> --
> >> Regards,
> >> Igor
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