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From Mark Struberg <>
Subject Re: incremental compiler questions
Date Sat, 10 Jan 2015 08:16:04 GMT
Hi Martin!

The maven-compiler plugin already does this. But once a single change is detected then we
need to recompile the _whole_ module because of the reasons explained by Igor.
Pro of JDT: you can e.g. also see if there were only 'internal' changes and thus the other
dependencies don't need to recompile. 

I'm 99.8, but not 100% convinced by that. Probably the other dependencies don't need any recompilation
but maybe the whole internal behaviour changed and you still like to run your tests? Maybe
we can simply ignore this and people should simply force a clean beforehand.

Basically al the incremental stuff boils down to the fact that the outcome is only determined
by it's input. The problem is only to gather the right 'input'. E.g. your packaging relies
not only on the compiled classes but also on resources and probably a manual include/exclude
setting. Only the very plugin used to do the packaging will know. Thus EACH plugin in the
whole chain needs to get adopted to incremental-awareness. Which is tons of work.

Another story is if the 'input' e.g. includes data from a database or you just like to re-run
your unit tests for the sake of debugging. We need a switch to force some plugins to run even
if the plugin itself cannot see a reason by simply looking at it's known 'input'.


> On Saturday, 10 January 2015, 2:04, Martin Gainty <> wrote:
> >G ood Evening Igor-
> Instead of implementing eclipe jdt for incremental java compilation is there:
> 1)any ability to refactor/reconfigure javac to read Last Modified Date of source 
> file to enable incremental compilation?
> 2)any concerns over generated class files..are they the same?
> any deltas ..if so ...what are they?
> 3)can we implement a static settings.xml or other static configuration file that 
> manfred suggested for eclipse jdt?
> 4)any ability to switch compiler from javac to jdt as an attribute in 
> maven-compiler-plugin?
> Thanks for a great presentation on Maven Dev hangout
> Martin 
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