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From Karl Heinz Marbaise <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Move everything to 1.6, take 2 (was: Re: I can't make a release ...)
Date Thu, 25 Dec 2014 14:57:31 GMT

let me summarize things a little bit:

 > Last time discussed this we established a consensus to establish 3.0.5
 > (maybe 3.0.6) as a minimum baseline for the 3.x range of plugins.

that was not three months the line to lift all plugins to 2.2.1 
minimum is not very far way...

I would assume a month or two...I hope less..

maven-enforcer: next takes a little bit..working on it...
maven-ear-plugin: waiting for a feedback (on monday i hope so). After 
that i will call a VOTE for it...
maven-jar-plugin: currently one issue open.....
maven-gpg-plugin: could be released...
maven-plugin-plugin: currently no issue open for the 3.4 release (so 
could be pushed out in very short time)
maven-compiler-plugin: just to fit 2.2.1 could be released
maven-antrun-plugin: Release 1.8 prepared (i would call a vote in a few 
maven-jarsigner-plugin: Could be fullfil 2.2.1

maven-archetype-plugin: Takes some time...started to work on it

So now the problematic items:

maven-ant-plugin: Should be retired
maven-doap-plugin: Might be retired
maven-stage-plugin: Might be retired
maven-docck-plugin: Might be retired Unsure
maven-patch-plugin: Should be retired (better use VCS for such things).
maven-repository-plugin: Might be retired
maven-verifier-plugin: Should be retired
maven-eclipse-plugin: Should be retired to bring people to correct 
direction and use m2e instead

So now coming to the maven releases:

Maven 3.0.X line
  No change for a year (
  No issue related to 3.0.X line in JIRA

Maven 3.1.X Line
  No change for 10 months (
  No issue related to 3.1.X line in JIRA

So next level upgrading will be 3.0.5 minium....

So we should declare EoL for Maven 3.0.5 in Februar 2015...or earlier...
and for 3.1.1 in April...

So based on the above i would say moving to Java 1.6 does really make 
sense although it is inconsistent from the user point of view...but 
making a clear release note shouldn't be that hard to make...

So +1 to move to 1.6....

This should be made clear by making all plugin versions to bump to 3.0 
(some of them are already there in relationship with Maven 3 minimum).

And for all things which have problem we could make a branch from the 
latest releases and fix it there...

Kind regards
Karl Heinz Marbaise
On 12/24/14 2:20 PM, Kristian Rosenvold wrote:
>> Oops. Snappy contains 1.6 java bytecode, which breaks the build on maven plugins.
We need to upgrade to 1.6; I'm taking this to the mailing list :)
> This 3.0.X has a 1.5 java requirement.  The problem is that *everyone*
> is moving to 1.6 and it's getting increasingly hard to maintain a 1.5
> code base. As an example, I have been moving code to apache commons,
> but we're basically unable to use this effort because commons is now
> 1.6. alternately I need to backport the code in a
> "source-level-shading", but these things are getting silly.
> I propose the following:
> Make the 3.x line of plugins java 1.6+ only.
> Release all shared utilities in 1.6 versions in the 3.x version range.
> 3.0.X maven versions stay "forever" on the 2.x line of plugins and jdk 1.5.
> The most recent core version moves defaults to the 3.x range of plugins.
> The parent poms migrate to 3.x range some time in the near future.
> Keeping 3.0.x fixes to a minuimum (and "critical" stuff) only, will
> ensure that we can still stay 1.5 compatible here.
> Kristian
> 2014-12-24 13:52 GMT+01:00 Benson Margulies <>:
>> I don't have access to push a plexus-archiver release, could you
>> please do the honors.
>> Also, looks like my splitting job left some work behind in terms of
>> the parent pom.

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