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From Chris Graham <>
Subject Re: Ticket Transition Workflow: Abandoned issues
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2014 22:13:12 GMT
Nicely worded!


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On 27/11/2014, at 2:16 AM, Paul Benedict <> wrote:

> This email is related to thread "Abandoned bug analysis" [1].
> We have done the Great Ticket Cleanup of 2014 twice this year. It has
> really been productive for anyone who triages outstanding bugs and
> enhancements. We've been adding a note in the ticket, as a courtesy to the
> participants, and closing them as "Won't Fix".
> This is certainly one valid way of accomplishing the goal. However, I do
> believe we should enhance our workflow by adding an "Abandoned" (my fav) or
> "Archived" resolution. Why? Because "Won't Fix" is typically is used to
> close out a bug that will never be fixed (i.e., too many people rely on the
> bad behavior) or the enhancement is deemed worthless or incorrect. But more
> importantly, it's not possible to do a JIRA search and distinguish between
> these two conditions unless a new resolution is introduced.
> So I'd like to officially propose a new resolution to address this concern.
> [1]
> Cheers,
> Paul

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