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From Igor Fedorenko <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Idle bug handling approach
Date Sun, 23 Nov 2014 22:26:21 GMT
At m2e, we automatically close bugs that have not seen a meaningful
movement for 12+ months. This helps keep our bug backlog manageable and
m2e users seems to be content with this policy for the most part.

We don't have development resources to fix every single problem in our
projects, so we only fix problems we consider important and push the
rest for later. If a bug wasn't important enough for anyone to do
anything about it for over a year, either it isn't a real bug or it is
extremely unlikely to be looked at any time soon. Closing such a bug
with WONTFIX resolution is just an honest statement of the fact.

Maybe Maven PMC should consider something similar.


On 2014-11-23, 14:05, Michael Osipov wrote:
> Hi folks,
> this has been itching me for quite some time now. Once in a while, I
> check our JIRA projects for open issues and try to evaluate them for
> fixability, etc. While some reporters respond after a question, some
> never do.
> I'd like to propose to close a ticket as *Incomplete* when the reporter
> is not responding to a question which is required to solve the issue.
> E.g., log file, further information, sample project, reproduce with
> newest version, etc.
> We could squash out more than 100 bugs (not improvements) in JIRA with
> that. It makes no sense having them around for ever.
> The target wait period should be *30 days* after a Maven developer
> requested further information. While 30 days seem quite long for some of
> you, I think this is a decent timeframe for those who are quite busy
> with other stuff. I catch myself too often needing more than two weeks
> to answer with a qualified statement to a JIRA ticket.
> What do you think?
> Michael
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